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Every leaver receives  stickers from their school portrait...

Sticker Strip 2.png
Sticker Strip 2.png
Sticker Strip 2.png
Sticker Strip 2.png

...To swap and share with friends for their leavers wall.

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Every Our Leavers Product is provided to each child in a handy box. Delivered by us before the end of Term


Completely Free for all Wrates schools

"We use Wrates photographers annually for our school photos and I can honestly say the service they provide is excellent! The organization on the day is superb and this continues throughout the whole process including delivery and aftercare service. They have provided Our Leavers for our current Y6 children free of charge which is a lovely added touch and shows their caring and professional nature. I would certainly recommend it."

Mrs J Hallam
St Mary's Primary

Not A Wrates School?

We can provide Our Leavers individually at £7.99 or alternatively you can arrange a booking on 0800 028 8221 and receive them Free.

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Free Our Leavers Bubble.png
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The Wrates Team will send you your own leavers USB stick to add your activity photographs throughout the year.

Then photograph your leavers twice a year, singles and group dates

We then collect your USB stick and create your digital leavers book, including the photographs we took.

And finally produce your CDs for each leaver, delivering them directly to you.

Creating the first digital leavers book in the UK...
And the best thing... It's...

Digital Leavers Book Logo.png

Find your Digital Leavers Book

Enter your code to view your yearbook or 0000 to see a sample

Find your Book
Digital Leavers Book

Register for Digital Leavers Books! Its Free!

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